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Seer fish Big / Vanjaram Boneless-1-kg-pack

We now have different pricing for 250gm , 500gm and 1 kg packs. One kg portion is offered as a value pack , please check it out. Seer fish Big / Vanjaram is the most popular variety of seafood in Tamilnadu. Seer fish boneless is available as succulent and tender cube cuts , fish finger cuts , bread slices cuts and fillets cuts. People love to make fish curry and fish fry preparations using this fish . Children love its taste and texture because these customised cuts does not contain bones. Hence it is the best fish for the whole family . ( anjal fish , surmai fish , vanjiram fish , neymeen fish , shear fish , sear fish , neimeen )

Gross Weight: 1 Kg

Net Weight: 700 gm to 800 gm

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